Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ACTION ALERT! Tell Attorney General Holder: End federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries

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Dear Attorney General Eric Holder,

In 2009, your office issued a memo declaring an end to the use of federal funds to raid medical marijuana dispensaries in states where they are legal.

However, these raids have continued unabated. Just this past month, federal agents raided 28 medical marijuana dispensaries in under 24 hours, destroying family businesses, restricting patient's access to care and superceding states' rights to make laws for their own citizens.

On top of that, US Attorney General Haag of Northern California has issued a memo in complete contradiction to yours, declaring that anyone selling marijuana under any pretense - legal or not - will be federally prosecuted.

The confusion and deception has to end now. Raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in states that allow them unfairly targets patients and small businesses in an economic climate that can tolerate neither.

Attorney General Holder, enforce your 2009 memo and end federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Sincerely, the co-signed.

My personal additional comments:

Even the AMA states that marijuana is a real medicine that works, Mr. Holder. Stop this madness of arresting patients, the para-police raids on patients and caregivers that are following their state laws, and the horrid killings of their pets, mental and physical trauma beyond what they already have to endure due to their health because of police brutal force. 100-150 marijuana raids daily in the US? This has to stop and yesterday isn't soon enough!


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