Sunday, January 2, 2011

South Carolina’s Marijuana Tax Stamp!


State Code

Tax Rate
$3.50/gram if owner possesses 42.5 grams or more

Penalty for Nonpayment (Civil and Criminal )
200% of tax and up to $10k or 5 years prison or both

Additional Information

Withstood constitutional attack on the grounds of double jeopardy in McMullin v. South Carolina Dept. of Revenue, 321 SC 475.

See NORML's report, Marijuana Tax Stamp Laws and Penalties.


  1. why don't they legalize it and deal with it?

  2. i say ligalize it

  3. Just like the alchol proabition it failed . And at that time we was going bankrupt then just like now alchol pulled us out of the.great depression in the 30s thats what we need to do now with pot ....... Bring us out of what could be the new great depression I got a.? For the presedent . Does america need another muti billion dollar a year company or does the.mexican cartels STOP THE WAR ON DRUG KILL THE PROABITION ON WEED