Monday, December 27, 2010

Senate Confirmed Michelle Leonhart To Lead DEA Wednesday Night

by Angie Theycall Mehippie


Thank you (insert sarcasm here) Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) for releasing the block on the nomination of Michelle Leonhart to head the DEA on Wednesday for the assurance that pain killer restrictions would be eased to give to nursing home patients in an emergency situation. Wow, that still reeks of an uncompassionate move, Senator Kohl. Patients in pain need care and although I do not like the use of these harmful drugs we have to face some reality here and that reality is patients need more relief than they are given by the medical community as it is. The DEA wouldn’t have anything to do with their not getting proper relief, would it Senator Kohl? This problem can be very efficiently addressed by adding medical grade cannabis for the treatment of pain and a plethora of other ailments. If you really care about those patients that need pain relief then why did you lift the block on Leonhart’s nomination, a lady who vows to block a more effective, safer, and non-toxic drug? This exchanging one block for another more harmful one to society is not acceptable.

The war on cannabis continues and it looks like it is going into full force with this nomination block now removed. Better judgment has never been one of our government’s strong points on any level.

Senators, did you read your emails from the public who does happen to care about these patients and requested you not to vote for her for valid reasons especially since cannabis is a very viable and economical option which Leonhart has promised even more excessive war upon? You were elected by your constituents and a growing majority of those are for cannabis legalization. Why aren’t you listening? As you’ve already seen you can be fired and this has already happened with the last election!

President Obama, why do you continually disappoint (sicken!) those who voted for you based upon your campaign promises especially those promises to decriminalize the use of cannabis for all Americans? You inhaled and said that was the point, right? Why can’t you get our point just as we got yours? Your promises are more than weak, Mr. President – they are outright lies! I suggest you do a truth check on yourself and a support check based upon those that elected you! We cannabis activists are part of those numbers and quite frankly, Mr. President, you are loosing by far more than your new White House eyes can see. Clear your vision, Mr. President! You need to see your failed promises and mistakes to take action if you want to ensure another campaign victory in 2012. I suggest you get started right away.

Michelle Leonhart is a disgrace to the American people. She does not reflect the policies of this administration nor does she reflect the attitudes of her own boss. She does as she pleases and has shown us this much. This War On Drugs is already a farce and We The People are quickly waking up to that more and more on a daily basis. Does the Iran Contras scandal ring a bell, Ms. Leonhart? If it doesn’t get a clue! Our own CIA is now on record admitting shipping cocaine into the United States and our troops are admitting protecting the poppy fields in Iraq which helps perpetuate the illegal drug trade, well actually funds most of it that does not come from the private prison industry and police incentives to arrest marijuana “dealers” and users, which in turn is more profitable for the government’s own pocket than legalization, right? Wrong! I will admit it is profitable in that manner however more profits can be made by legalization of cannabis. It is my hope that one day our whole government body can open their eyes to this fact and remove the blinders that being involved in the illegal drug trade and the addiction to prohibition have made them blind to. It is worth more money legal than illegal. I suggest rehab for that addiction, elected officials!

I also suggest that our leaders go back to the Constitution and read it. Stepping on state’s toes is not permissible unless these states pass a law that requires the people of the state to break federal law. President Obama is aware of this and made a statement, more of an order, to the DEA to allow the states that have legalized cannabis for medical use alone, yet, contradicted himself when he nominated Michelle Leonhart for DEA head. If you really mean what you ordered the DEA not to do then why did you do this? It brings us to this harsh reality: sick and disabled people will continue to be arrested and incarcerated as long as we as a people allow officials to step on the toes of the will of the American people. We can either get angry and make them hold up to their promises for better cannabis laws and actions toward users or we can sit back and watch these atrocities occur and continue until some action is taken to stop the insanity!

Leonhart has green-lighted more than 30 raids on medical marijuana dispensaries which were contrary to the directive of her boss Attorney General Eric Holder who said we shouldn’t be using scarce federal law enforcement resources against medical marijuana operations operating legally. She has denied the use of medical marijuana and when asked about this in hearings by Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Jeff Sessions of Alabama she responded, “I have seen what marijuana use has done to young people. I have seen the abuse. I have seen what it has done to families. It’s bad. If confirmed as administrator we would continue to enforce the federal drug laws.” She was confirmed by the Senate in a unanimous vote to head the DEA.

As an activist I would love to hear the actual research and real life scenarios that Leonhart claims to have “seen”. In circles of many scientists and doctors no such evidence exists of what Leonhart claims to have seen. With zero evidence to back her statement Leonhart will continue to repeat the false rhetoric of the Refer Madness days with nothing to support her actions just as the other DEA heads have done. Her official beginning is as a propaganda mouthpiece for the old lies which have infected this country. We cannot allow this to continue. I am willing to look at reality and facts if Leonhart can produce any hard evidence that her words are true. I am not holding my breath because no one yet can produce that evidence to prove any of it.

Leonhart said of the Mexican drug war, “Our view is that the violence we have been seeing is a signpost of the success our very courageous Mexican counterparts are having. The cartels are acting out like caged animals because they are caged animals.” Those are words when questioned about 30,000 dead at the border that have been slaughtered by this drug war. That is more dead on the Mexican border than at the two year height of of the Vietnam war! According to the Washington Post the drug war on the Mexican border “suffers from infighting among security agencies”, and Wikileaks confirmed from foreign diplomatic cables that many leaders of many nations agree that the Mexican border drug war “lacks a clear strategy”. This drug war on the Mexican border is a travesty and atrocity upon humanity. Stop the deaths. A very large amount of that drug traffic they are slaughtering Mexicans to stop comes from the demand for cannabis, around 75% of it to be more specific. Want to reduce that death toll? Legalize cannabis and save lives! These lies about the “evils” of cannabis are way too costly! Even the word “marijuana” as we know the plant by is a racial term. The Drug War people began calling it that because marijuana is the Mexican name for the plant and the plant’s presence in the United States began being dumped blame on “those Mexicans!” It is not the fault of the Mexican people it is the fault of prohibition.

End the madness right now!

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