Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grass: The History of Marijuana

I would think that any logical minded person would look at the evidence about cannabis and think if the anti-marijuana information given out by the “official story” has any truth to it then why is it that after all these years the activism against marijuana laws  has not yet realized this “truth” and backed down? That hasn’t happened and it won’t. Since the War on Drugs came and even just after the making of cannabis illegal We The People in the majority have fought against these laws and tried to change it. That is true from the very start and now today there is more activism to legalize it than ever. We didn’t decline but rose in numbers reaching for the sky. If these laws were just and fair and for the “good of all” and the “official story” truth instead of the propaganda that it really is then we wouldn’t exist today. No one can show us that we are wrong with cold hard evidence. The most unlikely people smoke pot. It doesn’t make those people “different” in any way it just means now you know. That’s the only difference in any person, the knowing or not knowing. Think about that. The people who enjoy cannabis are normal people, your neighbors, friends, doctors, politicians, police officers and many more of the most unlikely victims of prohibition having to live part of their lives in secrecy and the “official truth” propaganda still trying to shame them when in reality they are law abiding citizens who want to be legal and compliant with the law. That is the root of our activism: wanting to be legal and compliant with the law. We seek the truth. If the truth were what the government and partner law enforcement agencies say it is we, honest and law abiding citizens, would have realized it by now and not began a fight against these laws and joined the ranks of the other side. We have not because we are honest and want to see the right thing done by our fellow human beings. Not even two to three years after the anti-marijuana laws came into effect the first activists came into being and some in high places, no pun intended. Elected officials, middle class America, upper class America, and lower class America came in to speak out however still our voices have not been heard and the collective Will of the majority of the American People, We The People, still have not been heard or heeded in our desires. Let the truth be known. You’ve been lied to!

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