Friday, July 8, 2011

ACTIVISTS GET ON THIS ONE! - ‪Top Mexican Drug Dealer says U.S. GOV gave Them Guns!‬‏

No, my computer is NOT fixed however I can still use it a bit and I need to get this out to you ALL. PLEASE ACT. Holder, the ATF, and all their crew can be prosecuted criminally instead of us!!!!! They need to be. If these crimes go unpunished then there is no limit to the corrupt drug war that we're fighting. Also on record Obama KNEW about this and he should be IMPEACHED. These are high crimes and treason. The leader of the Zetas even says that they got the guns from the U.S.! RESEARCH IT!

Here is an article I did exposing it in April when it began to be officially uncovered:

People didn't believe my article although it was thoroughly researched. Believe it now? Do your homework and do NOT allow our government to do this anymore!

What would happen to YOU if this was YOU and not government people committing these crimes? What happens to YOU when you get caught with just a roach? Please, please act. This is my last plea online for a while. This is my only chance to show you this!

Our president, attorney general, ATF and all others associated with this are CRIMINALS! It is exposed, it is time to act. Now or NEVER. TAKE DOWN REAL CRIME!!!!!! They knowingly KILLED innocent people!!!!!!!

If you don't believe it, just research it!

YouTube - ‪Top Mexican Drug Dealer says U.S. GOV gave Them Guns!

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