Friday, December 24, 2010

Action Alert Via NORML #2

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House Passes Version of the National Criminal Justice Commission Act - Ask the Senate to Do Likewise
On Tuesday, July 27, House members passed by voice vote H.R. 5143, the House version of the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2010. The purpose of this bill is to initiate a comprehensive re-evaluation of America's drug and prison policies. According to the measure’s House sponsor, Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-MA). “Today our prison population is expanding at an alarming rate, with costs to the taxpayers that are unsustainable. ... The bill passed tonight will assess the current crisis, reverse these disturbing trends and help save taxpayer money.”
House Bill 5143 is a companion bill to S. 714, championed by Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA). Senate Bill 714 will establish a `National Criminal Justice Commission' to hold public hearings and "undertake a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system, including Federal, State, local, and tribal governments’ criminal justice costs, practices, and policies. ... The Commission shall make findings regarding such review and recommendations for changes in oversight, policies, practices, and laws designed to prevent, deter, and reduce crime and violence, improve cost-effectiveness, and ensure the interests of justice at every step of the criminal justice system.”
The measure awaits action by the full Senate.
Please take time today to urge your senators to support Senate Bill 714. For your convenience, a prewritten letter will be e-mailed to your member of Congress when you enter your contact information below.
Thank you for assisting NORML's federal law reform efforts.

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