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Marijuana is an anti-inflammatory, which means it suppresses immune system response

(I’m not surprised that SC turns its own good information into something BAD!)

December 6, 2010 by Hoam Rogh 1 Comment

The University of South Carolina (the state school with the t-shirts that say “COCKS” on them–meaning that not only does the school endorse chicken fights, but also genitals.) now also shills misleading science designed to support the arbitrary marijuana laws.

“Well, duh!” is the one and only conclusion from the prohibitionist tripe released this week.  The mainstream media has picked it up and put fear in the headlines yet again. (Why they have not run with Dr. Tashkin’s endorsement of legalization is beyond us here at MPIU, but arbitrary is the norm for the marijuana laws.)

Marijuana is an anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation is a complex immune system response to harmful stimuli. It can be helpful in some wound healing, but also extremely painful or dangerous in certain auto-immune diseases and arthritis.

complex medicine: suppress immune system, but kills cancer?

The doctor performing the tests is an honest scientist.  His work into marijuana and cancer have revealed something we all know, both things are extremely complex.

Dr. Nagarkatti only cares about the facts and his research has revealed both good and bad things about marijuana.  However, that is not surprising do to its multifaceted cannabinoid nature.

The doctor explained:  ”Marijuana has over 400 different chemicals. It’s such a complex plant that we don’t know the impact of all of those chemicals.”

What he described as a “double-edged sword”  (since it’s marijuana it’s probably a Nerf sword due to its LD-50 score), cannabinoids can be used to treat  auto-immune diseases like MS and arthritis, but that treatment results from marijuana’s ability to treat inflammation by suppressing the immune system response.

Our game cock will kill your rooster

Auto-immune conditions are caused by your immune system going into overdrive, destroying healthy cells and damaged ones. Marijuana could stop that, and even help with inflammation from allergies or organ transplants.

Pot is anti-inflammatory, remind some whiney priss about that when she claims to be allergic to it.   They won’t believe you and probably will turn you in to the cops, which –ironically– is exactly the type of personal power over other citizens that our founding fathers sought to avoid.

In the South Carolina scientific study, marijuana suppressed the immune system in mice and so may also suppress it in humans.  It probably does.  The problem arises if certain forms of cancer need that immune system response to help fight and kill those cancer cells.

THC, safe but complex

What types of cancers?  Who knows.  The government is too busy arresting people to care.  They got a headline, so we’re all being arrested for using a substance which may suppress one aspect of our immune systems that our body could use if we had certain cancers.

Granted, this is not like tobacco which actually causes cancer to occur, but rather a side-effect of cannabis which may not help if you already have cancer.  Of course, this is all so speculative that no good scientist would blow the findings out of proportion.  Dr. Nagarkatti sure did not say anything stupid.

That’s the media’s job.  The past week saw the following headlines about the Cock’s study:

How cannabis dampens the body’s immune system

What Could Be So Bad About Taking Medical Marijuana For Pain Relief

Smoking Pot can Increases Chances of Cancer: Study

Smoking cannabis ‘ups cancer risk’

Cancer risk can increase by smoking cannabis

Fair and balanced reporting to be sure…

If the immune system has been suppressed by cannabis, would that suppression result in increased cancer development?  What about THC’s ability to kill certain cancer cells?  We need more research.  Let’s hope doctors in the states take the lead because the US government ain’t gonna!

Painting by JAMES MOORE, US Drug War Prisoner, Texas

What is really needed is a study of human cancer patients in California compared to those in Illinois.  Group the patients into two groups: cannabis, and no cannabis.  See who lives longer.  See who enjoys their time more.  Really find out if there is anything to this study in mice that has lots of assumptions in its conclusions.

But until then.  We’ll take mice and media hysteria.  And the new arrest of a marijuana criminal, one ever 37 seconds…

Hopefully, the media reported that as well.  But don’t hold your breath.  Reporting stories that support the government is a hell of a lot easier than reporting stories that undermine it.  Especially if you want to stay in the government’s good graces.

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