Thursday, April 7, 2011

U.s. Banks Launder Drug Money, ATF Supplies Guns, and The CIA Supplies Drugs


This may look like old news but it’s not. March 2011 several news agencies reported on events akin to the Iran Contras with the ATF gun smuggling operations and bank drug money laundering.


U.S. banks caught laundering drug money, the ATF is allowing illegal guns to pass into Mexico with knowledge that they will be used by the drug cartels and ample evidence of CIA drug smuggling involvement throughout history. Stop the Drug War.

April 6, 2011

Try dancing to the tune of $378.4 billion in drug money. That is exactly what it seems what Wachovia, who is now owned by Wells Fargo, and Bank of America did from 2004 to 2007. What would happen to any ordinary U.S. citizen if they committed such a crime? They would spend the rest of their life in jail but for the big banks involved it seems to be just a slight “Oopsie, we didn’t see the money quickly enough to catch it” kind of thing. That’s the largest violation of the Bank Secrecy Act, an anti-money-laundering law, in U.S. history – “a sum equal to one-third of Mexico’s current gross domestic product,” according to Bloomberg.”

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