Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brash Wants Cannabis Legalised - 420 Magazine

Brash Wants Cannabis Legalised - 420 Magazine: "Act leader Don Brash is calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis, saying prohibition of the drug has not worked.

He has told TVNZ's Q A programme policing cannabis costs millions of taxpayer dollars and clogs up the court system.

Brash, who announces his party's law and order policy today, said he has never been tempted to use marijuana or any other kind of drug, but the reality is the present law is not working.

He said it is estimated there are 400,000 New Zealanders using cannabis "on a fairly regular basis", 6,000 people are prosecuted every year over cannabis and $100 million of taxpayers' money is being used to police this law."

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