Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colorado AG claims medical marijuana grows the black market

By "Radical" Russ Belville on January 7, 2011

(Denver Post) State law enforcement officials today unveiled an indictment against an alleged large-scale marijuana-trafficking ring the officials say were using Colorado’s medical-marijuana laws as cover.

Nine people were named in the 21-count indictment announced this morning by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers. In the announcement, Suthers said investigators from his office and the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force seized more than 110 pounds of marijuana and 687 cannabis plants during the investigation.

“This case, while disturbing, should come as no surprise to Coloradans who have been concerned that there is a nexus between Colorado’s booming medical marijuana industry and illegal distribution of the drug,” Suthers said. “This case counters the contention among marijuana advocates and some public officials that a regulated medical marijuana system will undercut the illicit market for marijuana.”

John Suthers sure is good at fighting strawmen.  Nobody has ever claimed that a regulated medical marijuana system undercuts the illicit market for marijuana – we’ve claimed that providing a regulated system keeps patients out of the illicit market for marijuana.

So long as 90% of the people who enjoy using cannabis are defined as criminals, there will be some of them who do everything possible to protect themselves under a medical marijuana law.  So long as the market for those 90% is criminal, there will be some who use a medical marijuana law to protect their business.  The only thing that can undercut the illicit market for marijuana is to make the market legal.



  1. Americans lack the education they would need for the United States to become a democratic republic again. We cannot even impart basic skills in mathematics and English to most students. Educating people about cannabis is much harder because the fascist conspiracy which dominates the legislative and judicial branches has created an entire class of parasites whose jobs consist of lying to the American public about cannabis. With the corporate media (having abandoned any pretense of journalistic principle decades ago) deliberately suppressing the truth, grassroots education is the only avenue now open to us.

  2. Well said Robert! I agree completely with you. The education system itself is communistic and that is a hard fact. Have you read "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt? Here is a link to it. She tells in great detail about how our system works and how it was overtaken to produce drones instead of true education. The drones this government wants to create and are creating are wishes come true for them and their purposes. I clearly see the ideal human drone being like the ones that fly over Iraq, Mexico, and here in the United States. The only problem is they cannot fix human drones when they break (dissent) by simply grabbing a wrench, so the government controlled media was contracted.

    I am also painfully aware that this War on Drugs is a huge money maker for the ruling class in the U.S., Mexico and other countries like us. It is their way of bringing in a full blown militaristic police state under which they have full control. It is not only a money maker and funds this effort but also an excuse to bring it in. I am trying to ease into that because I see how very hard it is to get people to understand this truth about cannabis but I also know that I have to be ready to explain the whole system as best I can to give them a clear picture. That is the hard part. If the nation would turn that TV off it may be easier ..... but in reality it really is the grass roots efforts that give us a chance.

    Here is a great article I found you may be interested in also.

  3. Angie, I am proud to be a socialist. What do you suppose that the term "communistic" means? I understand the word "communist" to refer to Marx's theoretical end-state of history, a utopia in which the State has withered away. The second sentence in the document to which you referred me reads: "Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist
    world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists." -- that is absolute rubbish! Many nations more socialistic than the United States have better educational systems. We agree that Prohibition must end, but clearly differ as to whether it is the political Right or Left that is destroying American society -- I do not believe that there is a leftist party represented in our public discourse or government. The Democrats are almost indistinguishable from Republicans in their opposition to the right of individuals to control what they put into their own bodies and in their support for corporate oligarchy, but I identify the latter as functioning as a fascist conspiracy against our founding ideals.

  4. I am not affiliated with any political party. Indeed, that is the definition of communisum by the book. I do not mind differing political stances than mine. Mine are based on individual issues rather than party because you're correct again, the two parties represented in America today are of one mind in action it seems. I do not see any separation at all. I am willing to look at the situations that work of which you speak. You may find that I am more open minded than one may think. To me personally a communistic government is one who oppresses its people through a police state with one dictator. I am strongly against any state or government opressing its people. That is how I see it because I base my thoughts around what I have seen and growing up in the middle of the cold war and watching Regan, that's what images I saw that were defined as such. The only thing that matters to me, no matter what political point of view you are, is this one issue in this blog. Since that book was written by this lady who worked in education under Regan, I thought you may be interested in knowing the book exists. It is now out of print.

    I usually do not go far into my personal beliefs but I am perfectly willing to define that for you as I just did to answer a direct question.

    It is vital that the pro-legalizers work in unison and I have no problems doing that with any viewpoint. I welcome your insightful comments.