Sunday, January 2, 2011


22 Dec 2010

South Carolina
Thanks for shedding some light on the recent USC research ( "Scientists Grapple over Marijuana's Effect on Immune System," Dec.  15 ).  Unfortunately, cannabis never gets the credit it deserves.  This "drug" is a proven source of medicine for countless ailments that currently afflict our injured, disabled and elderly populations.  Moreover, it is completely safe for human use, in contrast to many commonly prescribed medicines that Big Pharma is pumping out these days.

The mere activation of the endocannabinoid system positively affects our overall health and well-being and can drastically improve the quality of life for unwell individuals.  Thanks to dedicated researchers around the world, it is finally impossible to deny the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant.

Still, more research needs to be done.  While other states are finally catching on, however, South Carolina is stuck in a hopeless War on Weed.  Additionally, cannabis is still federally classified as a Schedule I drug with "no medicinal value." Strangely enough, consumption of cannabis is still safer than alcohol and tobacco.  The public must unite if we want to see any progress toward cannabis legalization for responsible adults.

What does South Carolina have to gain from a marijuana economy? Additional tax revenue, prioritized law enforcement, an infinitely profitable hemp industry, and a safe remedy for ailments that afflict many South Carolinians.

Why are we ignoring the stoned elephant in the room?

Directors, Columbia NORML

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