Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Message To Local NORML Chapters

Ok, please end the harassment right now. I want the public to know why I am saying this. What you’re doing to me is illegal on three counts. I’ve checked. This is my statement. End this now or else I will get law enforcement involved. I’ve blocked all of you from my personal page, my own email address, sent resignations to both chapters AND have taken every other step necessary to end this myself. Yet, it continues. This is taking it too far. Yes, I called her a bitch and will again. I can do that. It was her own doing threatening to make everything about me and every word of that public. I just made her threat good. Now back off, stop harassing me and leave me alone or else deal with law officers. That is my public statement. And, btw, I can say whatever I want on my personal pages. Now you go and make it public and threaten me again? No, I’m publically telling you to stop NOW since my private efforts did not work!

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