Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Blog No Longer Supports NORML

I light of very ugly recent events that the local chapter threw upon me because I offered to make a website for the new group and have it ready to launch when the group became official and the Executive Director of this group telling me not to call my parents “mama” and “daddy” in public (none of her damned business) then threatened me to make public my statements about my specific disability, then called it slander when I privately called her the name I was thinking (not what she told me she was – she said rude – I corrected her privately) then said she’d make that public if I continued to be angry about all that, I resigned as Communications Director (I had turned it down five times already but they insisted no one else wanted the position and if I didn’t take it the chapter could not exist) I took it because I WANTED IT TO EXIST! When someone threatens me with things that personal being made public just to “make me look bad” – her words exactly – and I personally tell them what I think about them, first off threaten me and I make it good. I put the whole conversation to the group because that was her threat – to put all my personal info public to the group. I went through the right channels about her abuse of me personally. The sponsoring Chapter would not do anything about her and turned to accuse me of saying something bad about them in public, which I had not. I wanted help and advice. Now I am forced to, one not support NORML anymore because of one chapter that’s not even official yet (they would be but now they don’t have my membership), or two take it to the national NORML level to be resolved. I am undecided but because my health does not warrant my making a federal case of it I think I’ll just not support NORML anymore. I was part of the MPP since the 90s. I have too much experience in this to quit altogether, so I choose for time’s sake, not to support NORML unless too many members of other NORML local chapters (anywhere) wants it taken to the national level. Really, who are they to tell me not to call “mama” and “daddy”, “mama” and “daddy” and say it makes them look unprofessional?! Or to say my health will effect my job in the NORML chapter? Now answer that question. That was information they needed to know because they needed to know what to expect and what not to expect from me!

Make my personal health info, all of it, public? Go ahead, I already did. But to say they will do that to me to “make you look bad to others”? Screw that.

I’m plain spoken but I treat you the way you treat me!

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  1. So the public knows, on my private profile the members have harassed me and said so many things against me personally, attacked my family and friends personally that I am ready to get LAW ENFORCEMENT INVOLVED IMMEDIATELY if this continues. I see the "groups" have emailed this blog. Good know this, do one more thing to me and not only will I have this Director arrested for threatening to put my personal info to the public (there are laws protecting disabled people, you know?) I will also have each of them arrested for harassment. This is utterly uncalled for.