Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A. Whitney Brown Endorses Kris Bailey



Monday, 31 January 2011 11:33

Former Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show writer A. Whitney Brown introduced Kris Bailey at the kickoff announcement for Bailey's run for Austin City Council. Bailey was endorsed by Willie Nelson and the Teapot Party last week.



Brown began his comments by reminding the crowd at Scholz Garten on Saturday that he was arrested for possessing two joints in 1972 and spent one year in a Texas jail. "American farmers grow the best pot in the world," Brown said."If American farmers could legally grow pot we could then send it to our industrial competitors. They would get as stoned as we are and their products would go down to match ours. Imagine sending pot to Japan so the Toyotas are as crappy as Fords. The problem is the people who grow it here are criminals. They shouldn't be. They should be heroes."

Bailey is running on a pro-marijuana platform. "We're tired of arresting our neighbors, we're tired of arresting our families, we're tired of arresting our friends," Bailey noted. "The failed War on Drugs is destroying our country. We can't continue to not discuss this subject."
Nelson backed Bailey, stating: "The Teapot Party was started to help people like Kris Bailey get elected. We endorse him in his run for the Austin City Council."
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